Giving Your Toddler A Head Start

Give your toddler a head start by creating a loving and stimulating environment to boost their early development. Engage in age-appropriate activities and nurture their curiosity for a strong foundation.

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Phonics for young learners

Phonics For Young Learners

We’ll outline some tips on how you can help your child improve their reading skills with phonics!

How to Teach Young Children to Read

How to Teach Young Children to Read: The Definitive Guide

If a child is not taught how to read at a young age, they are at risk of having weak literacy skills for the rest of their lives. 

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Why is early reading important for toddlers?

Watching your child go from saying their first sentences, to speaking in paragraphs, you will start to see exciting milestones develop with reading.

Creative And Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Your Toddler

7 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Motor Skills and Have Fun at the Same Time

At the age of 2, your little one can already stand up on their own, walk, run and even jump, and because of that, I would like to personally welcome you to the life of a toddler parent! It may not be easy, but it’s well-worth everything. This is the time that you’ll start running…

Kids reading

How do I teach my child to read? What You Must Know

With the right techniques and strategies, you can help your child learn to read more quickly and easily than ever before!

Hooked on Phonics review

How to Teach Phonics to Children

There are 19 phonemes that have one sound that corresponds to a letter in the English Alphabet. Phonemes are the smallest units, (think /a/ or “ah”), of sound.

How do i teach my child to read?

How to Make Reading Fun for Kids

Reading is a life-long habit that we can all enjoy. Don’t be too concerned about pushing your kids to hit milestones.

How to Avoid Temper Tantrums

7 Simple Steps to Avoid Temper Tantrums

As a parent, this is one of the hardest things to tackle. This is the reason why so many parents have to tell their kids the same things over and over again with no results.