How to Potty Train Boys

Your little one is growing up. Surely you will miss a lot except his dirty diapers. Maybe it is about time to potty train your kid. How to know if he’s ready shouldn’t be a problem. You will notice a change in his interests and abilities and by that, you can decide if it is time or not.

There is a widespread belief that boys are harder to train than girls. If you have a HE, maybe you are stressed out of this idea. But that is certainly untrue in all cases. No scientific explanation actually supports the thought but rather experiences that coincide with one another.


Potty train boys

potty train boys

Unless you have experienced potty training before, it would be tough enough to know how to potty train boys for the first time.

Tips on potty training for boys

  1. Check the timing

The best trick in easier potty training is actually picking the right time. When your little boy seems to put interest in potty training, he starts by updating you about his wet or dirty diapers.

However, boys aged 2-3 are very active so you need to focus on observing the signals they are portraying. Forcing your son is of no help. It is still best not to compare your son with others because every child is different.

Just keep in mind that when a child is physically and mentally prepared, he will be able to control his bladder and bowels to keep himself clean and dry. All children, regardless of age, experience the odd accident particularly when they are excited, upset or in the extremity of their emotions.

  1. Try sitting first

Teach your son to sit first when urinating. Most moms find this effective to start with as this can minimize messes. Using your regular toilet can bring you worries that your little one might fall in so it is practical to buy a good quality potty chair to help your child adapt to this habit based on his height.

  1. Let him observe dad

It is a challenge for your toddler to finally learn to pee standing up. A number of experienced mothers suggest that in able to help your child, make him observe his dad or other older male children while urinating to set an example. This will motivate your little one to start doing the same.

  1. Use the target technique

Make it a fun learning time for your child. One strategy many moms share is the toss a circle shaped cereal into the toilet and let him target-practice.

  1. Encourage your child

Vigorous toddler boys may not want to stop what they’re doing. In order to make them use the toilet or keep on the toilet long enough to rest and go, frequent motivation is very important. You may give him incentives every time he practices the things you are teaching him. Commending him repetitively may also be helpful as it gives your little one the confidence to continue doing such.

  1. Patience is a virtue

Ditching the diapers is one of the things you are eager to do. But how to train your toddler can be exhausting as they are in the rise of their liveliness. Being patient requires you to further understand your little one and this is the best way you can help him learn more quickly.

Common dilemmas in potty training boys

  • Child puts no interest in potty at all

Your child must not be ready yet. Sooner or later, he will be interested. You can use some techniques to motivate him though.

  • Child is too active

It is common for children to be highly active so just be patient and things will continue to get better.

  • Just when you thought things are doing well, there’s this odd accident

Don’t expect it to be perfect in an instant. These accidents are common especially when potty training. Your child needs your understanding so be mindful to never reprimand him for this will discourage him and may give him a stressful potty training experience.

  • Child will be starting school and still wetting

When your child has low control over his bowel or bladder, this will be very frustrating for him so as you will. In this case, show support by telling him not to worry because you’re always there to help.

You may consult to your GP or health advisor to get some guidance in helping you resolve your problem.

  • Child starts to wet again after a while

Be sympathetic. If this happens, there are probably factors affecting him. It could be emotional— disruption, adjustment on new house, new school, etc. It could also mean he has bladder infection, constipation or other related medical problems. It is better to get advice from your GP about it.

Mothers say:

  • “I have three boys and didn’t have much problems potty training them. Just be patient and things will get along well.”—Jessica D., stay-at-home mom of 3 boys
  • “I bought a potty chair and started potty training my boy when he was 18 months old. It was quite early and I’ve had little problems keeping him dry. Eventually, he began doing things well and I’m proud that he didn’t make it a hard time for me.” — Courtney S., first-time mom of a boy
  • “Reading tips on the internet helped me get an easier potty training experience for my toddler. Even though he’s terribly active, I managed to motivate him and now, he’s 3 years old and doesn’t get wet even at night.” — Christine M., entrepreneur, mom of 1 boy and 1 girl